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Precision Weighing for Optimal Livestock Management

Iconix: Your Trusted Partner in Livestock Weighing Solutions

Our scales are more than just weighing devices; they are a fusion of durability and simplicity, designed to withstand the rugged farming environment. Whether you're weighing sheep, cattle, or other livestock, our scales are engineered for accuracy and ease of use. Each product is a testament to our commitment to quality, integrating numerous special features to enhance your farming operations.

Robust and User-Friendly Technology

At Iconix, we take pride in providing quick and efficient servicing for all repairs at our Palmerston North branch.

Repairs and Servicing

At Iconix, we specialise in weighing systems tailored for the demands of livestock management.

Our story started in 1982 under the name Measure-Tech Ltd, and in 1997, we became known as Iconix New Zealand Ltd. For over three decades, we've been committed to providing reliable and customer-oriented service. Specialising in electronic weighing technology, we've consistently adapted to the changing demands of traditional farming practices, offering practical, cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

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