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At Iconix, we proudly present a versatile array of weighing systems, meticulously segmented into two primary categories to cater to your specific needs:

Explore Our Diverse Range of Weighing Solutions

Our systems can be made compatible with other industry units such as TruTest, Gallagher and Te Pari by using adaptor cables.

Sheep in a paddock

Dive into our Agricultural section for an array of system components specially designed for livestock weighing. These systems are not just locally acclaimed but also have a strong international presence, distributed and marketed across numerous countries. Within New Zealand, our livestock scales are easily accessible through an extensive network of retail outlets. Contact Iconix for more details or guidance in selecting the perfect system for your farming needs.

Agricultural Weighing Solutions

Tailored for Farming Excellence


Our Industrial section encompasses a range of weighing products, perfect for both trade (compliant with "Weights and Measures" standards) and non-trade industrial applications. These products, ideal for scale companies, are available as system components, ready to be integrated into complete scales. Additionally, a variety of accessories are on offer. Scale companies interested in our industrial range are encouraged to contact Iconix for more information and wholesale pricing.

Industrial Weighing Solutions

Precision Meets Industrial Demands

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