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Autodraft Controller unit

Autodraft Controller

The Iconix Autodraft Controller is a specialised tool designed to integrate seamlessly with the FX21 and FX41 weighing indicators. Drafting direction signals are sent to the controller by the indicator, and the controller directs air as required to actuators that open the required gates.

NOTE: this system is only available to manufacturers - it isn't an end user purchasable product.

Streamlined Livestock Management

  • Three-Way Drafting: Capable of controlling gates for efficient sorting of livestock into three different categories.

Intelligent Gate Management

  • Pressure Switch Input: Allows for the automatic initiation of the weigh cycle, mirroring the function of pressing the WEIGH key on the indicator.

Automated Weighing Cycle

  • Internal Buzzer: Provides audible notification when the weigh cycle is complete, ensuring smooth operation.

User-Friendly Indicators

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