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Iconix Relay Board

Relay Board



NZD including GST

The relay board may be connected to the Iconix LC44 (or Avery L103) indicator for external control when batching or checkweighing. Power is supplied by the indicator and a proprietary current loop connection to the LC44 (or L103) provides the interface.

  • 4 relays SPST. Contact ratings : 240V AC (or 30V DC) 5A max. See the LC44 (L103) Technical Manual for the assignment of relays.

  • Power to the unit is supplied by -

    • STANDARD VERSION: 18V AC output on the LC44's 25pin D connector (uses relays with 24V DC coils).

    • OPTIONAL VERSION: power 11V - 16V DC (uses relays with 9V coils) for use with internal battery version of LC44 (L103). 

  • The 2-wire optically-isolated current-loop interface allows the relay board to be up to 100m distant from the LC44 (L103).

  • PCB size: 100 x 96 x 32mm


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