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FX1 Indicator

FX1+ Indicator

The Iconix FX1+ is a testament to the evolution of livestock weighing systems, building on the success of its predecessor, the FX1. It strikes the perfect balance between advanced functionality and user-friendly design.


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Discover the Next Generation in Weighing Technology

Adaptive Weighing Modes

Simplified Operation with Smart Features

Intelligent Adaptability

Automatic Resolution Adjustment: The FX1+ dynamically adjusts resolution and zero-tracking to match the weight range, simplifying transitions between different weighing jobs.

Versatile MODE Key: Switch effortlessly between HOLD for livestock and FREE for static goods like produce.


Intuitive Weighing Process: Just press WEIGH, and the weight is accurately measured and securely displayed, updating the basic statistics in real-time.

Sheep in a paddock
  • New 5-Digit Display: The FX1+ boasts a 30mm high LCD display, offering outstanding visibility in any weighing condition.

Large and Clear LCD

  • STATS Key: View essential statistics anytime with a simple key press, including:

    • The number of animals weighed

    • Average weight of the session

Instant Data Access

  • Iconix AC Adaptor: Utilise mains power where available for uninterrupted use.

  • External 12V Battery: Includes a battery lead for field operations.

Flexible Power Options

  • Universal Loadbar Compatibility: Works with all Iconix loadbars for a tailored weighing system.

  • Multilingual Versions: Available in English and Spanish, with additional language support on the horizon.

Compatibility and Language Support

Customisation Options

Supply voltage

11.5V to 19V DC (18.5V to charge battery)

Low Battery Indication

11.6V DC


+/- 0.5% of displayed weight +/- 1 division

Temperature Range

-5°C to +50°C

Auto ranging resolution. With a standard 2000kg loadbar set:

0 - 20kg 0.1kg steps
20 - 50kg 0.2kg steps
50 - 200kg 0.5kg steps
200 - 500kg 1kg steps
500 - 2000kg 2kg steps


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