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FX15+ Weigh Indicator

FX15+ Indicator


NZD including GST

The Iconix FX15+ represents the latest in livestock weighing innovation, succeeding the highly acclaimed FX15. With a suite of enhanced features coupled with its trademark user-friendly interface, the FX15+ is engineered to elevate the efficiency and accuracy of animal management.

Revolutionising Animal Weighing with Advanced Technology

High-Definition LCD Readout: Sporting a new, large LCD screen with towering 30mm digits, the FX15+ ensures outstanding readability in any weighing environment, so you never miss a digit.

Enhanced Display for Optimal Visibility

Versatile Weighing Modes for Diverse Needs

Flexible MODE Selection: Switch effortlessly with the MODE key between HOLD options for dynamic livestock weighing and FREE mode for stationary loads like produce, streamlining your weighing process.

Sheep in a paddock

One-Step Accurate Weighing: A single press of the WEIGH button delivers precise weight measurements, instantly locking them on display and recording them in the system for seamless tracking.

Simplified Operation

Smart Resolution Adaptation: The FX15+ intuitively adjusts resolution and zero-tracking to match different weight ranges, making transitions between tasks effortless without manual reconfigurations.

Adaptive Performance

Automated Weight Classification: Set a DRAFT limit to sort your livestock into high or low weight categories. After weighing, the display conveniently indicates H (high) or L (low) alongside the weight reading.

Efficient Sorting with DRAFT Limit

Optional RS232 and Current Loop Ports: Tailor the FX15+ to your existing systems with optional ports for wired connections to legacy equipment, including the Iconix Relay Board or Remote Display.

Customisable Integration

Universal Loadbar Connectivity: The FX15+ is designed to work harmoniously with all Iconix loadbars, giving you the flexibility to customise your setup.

Mix and Match Compatibility

Language Inclusivity: Available in English and Spanish, with German and French versions on the horizon, the FX15+ is accessible to a broad range of users.

Multilingual Operations

Instant STATS Access: Utilise the STATS key to review crucial data anytime:

  • Total number of animals weighed

  • Average weight measurement

  • Cumulative weight total

  • Counts within high and low weight brackets

At-a-Glance Statistical Analysis

Robust Rechargeable Battery: The inbuilt battery promises 10 to 12 hours of mobile weighing. Alternatively, a non-battery version is available for constant external power setups.

Dependable Power

Integrated Bluetooth Technology: The FX15+ comes Bluetooth-ready, allowing for easy pairing with compatible EID readers and smart devices to streamline your data management.

Seamless Connectivity

Customisation Options

Supply voltage

11.5V to 19V DC (18.5V to charge battery)

Low Battery Indication

11.6V DC


+/- 0.5% of displayed weight +/- 1 division

Temperature Range

-5°C to +50°C


280 x 186 x 90mm (excluding bracket)


1.7kg (including bracket)

Auto ranging resolution. With a standard 2000kg loadbar set:

0 - 20kg 0.1kg steps
20 - 50kg 0.2kg steps
50 - 200kg 0.5kg steps
200 - 500kg 1kg steps
500 - 2000kg 2kg steps


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